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Negin Saffron

If the red color and big stigmas of Saffron are separated in form of three branches connected to each other without style (the yellow color part) from the flower, a voluminous Saffron will be obtained which is the most precious and prestigious type of Saffron and it is called Pushal Negin Saffron. Its coloring power is between 230 and 270.


Sargol Saffron is the fully red color and cut stigmas (separate from each other) of Saffron in which there is no style or root and its coloring power is between 210 and 260. Sargol Saffron (high quality) can be divided into two grades depending on the coloring power, length, thickness, fracture rate and softness existing in it and it is divided into two types: : • Super quality Sargol • High quality Sargol

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