What is saffron?

    IRANIAN SAFFRON Iranian Saffron known as the “red gold”, saffron is a magical ingredient in Persian culture, from aromatic foods and colorful desserts, to the physical and spiritual medicine. The expensive spice has long been a high-demand commodity and even triggered a war in 1374 in central Europe. But let’s take a closer …

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Saffron properties

Chemical compounds Saffron contains fatty substances, minerals, mucilage, and many essences. The color of saffron is related to a substance called crosin. Saffron onion is poisonous and its excessive consumption is fatal for animals.   Medicinal properties Saffron is naturally hot and dry. The most important property of saffron that has been used since ancient …

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Types of saffron

Pushal Negin Saffron (Mancha Saffron) If the red color and big stigmas of Saffron are separated in form of three branches connected to each other without style (the yellow color part) from the flower, a voluminous Saffron will be obtained which is the most precious and prestigious type of Saffron and it is called Pushal …

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